Friday, February 8, 2013

Strawberry Shortcake Surprise

When I finally arrived home last night I discovered a little package left in my letter box. I was super excited to open it once I read who it was from. A great friend of mine told me she found some old Strawberry Shortcake dolls and was going to send them to me! I've been so excited every since. So I quickly ripped open the box and found this lovely girls! There were four in total, Strawberry Shortcake, Lemon Meringue, Lime Chiffon, and Raspberry Tart. Of all of them poor Strawberry Shortcake needs the most attention, but the rest of them look wonderful! I was able to piece together their outfits and they are mostly complete. After doing some research I found out they re-released in 1991 by Toy Headquarters, which is why they look different from the one I found at the thrift store. The main difference is the eyes. All in all the clothing seems to be mostly the same, but these dolls came with two different outfits. Each of my dolls has the one outfit, but I am not about to complain. Considering they are over 20 years old they look awesome! But whoever designed this dolls made their feet too big for their tights. I had to wrestle the dolls back into them, which took much longer than I'd like to admit. These girls still need a bit more grooming, but I am so happy to have them! Blueberry Muffin might also be arriving soon, and I can't wait for her as well! I've also tracked down some of my older Lime Chiffon's accessories, so soon she'll be complete. I'm growing fond of these dolls. Below I've also included a comparison of 1981 Lime Chiffon vs. 1991 Lime Chiffon. You can see the clothes are almost the same, the changes are mostly in the face.

Lemon Meringue,  Raspberry Tart, Lime Chiffon

1991 Lime Chiffon, 1981 Lime Chiffon

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mini Ponies and Paper dolls

A few more packages came today. The first had another lot of the My Little Pony Mommy Charms. I added these to my herd, which is getting quite large. The Charmkins were very happy to welcome them. I was probably having way too much fun setting them up, but they were so cute I couldn't resist. 

I also won a very reasonable copy of a Charmkins Paper Doll Book. All the dolls are intact and I am in love with the illustrations inside. The costumes for each character are beautiful, and I can imagine having so much fun cutting these out if I was still a little girl. I had the best time cutting out paper dolls. I also watched the Charmkins cartoon for the first time. I really loved the way they incorporated the playsets into the actual TV show. I wish more of the characters had been turned into collectable charmkins. I think I may have grown up in the wrong decade.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mail Delivery

I overslept this morning so there was no thrifting today. Lucky for me I did have enough time to make it to the post office to mail a few packages, but also to pick up these beauties. I found another fairly inexpensive Tea Bunny on eBay. Her name is Pansy Parfait. She doesn't have her tea cup, or saucer, or mini tea cup but she has her cute dress and lovely hat. She came with a second Rose Bonnet, which I already have. I also won two more Charmkins. The top is Busy Lizzie Beaver, who I had but her hook was broken. The gal in the lower corner is Sweet Beth. I was overjoyed to win her and can't wait to add her to the rest of my Charmkins.