Thursday, January 31, 2013


While searching for Charmkins I stumbled upon this adorable line called Bubblins. They were small dolls with bubble wands where their feet would be. So far they have been harder to find, but I am overjoyed to own my first one! This cutie is called "Lady Mermaid". She is missing her seashell necklace case, but there is plenty of time to hunt one down. The eBay seller was also super sweet and included two free gifts! One is another Charmkin for my collection!

Lady Mermaid

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Little Pony Mommy Charms

While falling in love with Charmkins I also discovered a line from My Little Pony called "Mommy Charms". I cannot remember which came first, Pixie Pony or these girls, but they are made from the same mold, and quite adorable. These ponies came attached to larger Ponies and then could be added to a charm bracelet.

For more information on Mommy Charms, here is a lovely link: Click Me!

Ponies Pictured:
Fun Lover, Morning Sunshine, Pixie Pony, Yours too, 
Tiny Tumbler, Tell a Tale, Little Helper, and Laugh a Lot

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Little Pink Jewelry Box

Charmkins originally came with different accessories that would be combined with each character and then worn as jewelry. Being a jeweler myself, I do appreciate this a lot. I saw my girly Sleeping Beauty wind up jewelry box and figured the Charmkins might like to be photographed where they may have been kept by a little girl in the 80's, in her jewelry box. I can understand why so many of these figures end up with broken hooks on their heads. If you're not careful taking them on and off the different fixtures, their hooks begin to bend and will eventually break. Its a miracle they have lasted this long.

Wuv Luvs

Since the weekend has finally arrived, I had some time to visit two thrift stores. The first had more G3 ponies and quite a few G2 Lps. I decided against both since I didn't want to bring any "newer" toys home. The second thrift shop had a toy I remember my sister getting for some holiday. I couldn't remember the name for the life of me, but I remembered the large animatronic mother would birth an egg that you could open and inside would be a baby version of the mother. She would move and make strange alien noises. She was only $1.99 but is quite big for a toy. I didn't want to have to deal with storing her since I'm pretty sure we still have one at home. So while browsing the wall of plastic bags I found four of her babies. I quickly grabbed those and checked out. I do feel bad I separated them, but I really didn't need both. Their tags said "trendmasters 1999" and after a quick search they came up as Wuv Luvs. So here they are!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Brown paper packages

Two packages were waiting for me when I came home today. The first had my Krystal Princess Pegasus, and the second had a batch of Charmkins I had been waiting for. I was also able to photograph Peachy with her cute saddle and slippers. I really had a fun time taking a few group photos with different members of my collections.

While out picking up some shopping staples, I "stumbled" across some LPS G2 Blindbags. I decided to pick up two, just to test my luck. I ended up with a Musical Swan and Pig. They are growing on me, but I don't think I could ever religiously collect them. I just love the 90's Littlest Pet shop line too much. I do appreciate the broad spectrum of animals that the new pets are able to cover, but I just think they loose something by only really being adorable bobble heads. None the less I decided to photograph them.

Krystal Princess Pony

I was lucky enough to snag this pretty little pony on eBay a few days ago. This Pegasus from Krystal Princess is a bit harder to find, especially mint on card, so I was very happy to find this one. She even came with a little princess.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bows and Hearts

A few days ago I got in a lovely package of ponies from my friend Sarafina. I've been waiting for these beauties for awhile so I was so excited for them to arrive. They came looking lovely, but I ended up sprucing up their hair a bit for practice.She even included an extra pony, Baby North Star. My pony collection is growing pretty quickly, but I don't feel as though I have to collect every one, just the cute ones. Right now I seem to gravitate towards some of the earlier poses. In general I love hearts, bows, and polka dots, so its very clear why I love Peachy and Bow Tie. Peachy also arrived in some adorable slippers and a saddle, which I'll be sure to photograph later.

I made another visit to the thrift store last night, but didn't end up finding anything. Most of the toys seemed to be newer. I'm trying to see if there is any relation between the thrift store location and what sort of toys it has. So far the ones near larger cities seem to have more finds. Either way it was still fun to browse, and it just makes me more eager to go hunting this weekend!


Sunday, January 20, 2013


While out getting art supplies today, I found a new thrift store. Even though I told myself I didn't really need to stop, I did anyway. This one was in a more populated area, and once inside the place was a bit of a zoo. It took me a minute to find the toys, but once I did I took my time. There were a few G3 ponies, but I had convinced myself I didn't need to collect those. I also found some Snow White Dwarf toys that I had as a kid, but I also didn't feel the need to collect those either. I was starting to become convinced there was nothing here when literally right in front of me I saw a small plastic baggy full of what looked like stickers. I saw Serendipity in the corner and knew I found something.
As a kid we had the Serendipity movie. If you haven't seen it, its quite amusing. I personally have loved it since childhood, and still get the theme song stuck in my head once in awhile. I also had a few of the books including "Morgan Morning" and "Leo the Lop". This find was pretty exciting for me! I had no idea how many sheets were inside, but for $1.49 I didn't really care. After waiting in an absurdly long checkout line, I went to my car and ripped the baggy open. I found these beautiful picture transfer sheets dated 1981. Not bad for a Sunday.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rescue Ponies

Today was my second time visiting the thrift stores for vintage toys. My first stop was the local salvation army, which turned out to have nothing. I was a bit discouraged, but in the words of another thrift store hunter I thought that no toy was looking to be found here. So I left and decided to stop at one other thrift store on my way to run errands. I was happy to see the Pikachu tooth brush holder I saw last week had found a home. When I got to the toy section I noticed that nothing had really changed. Everything I remember from last week was still there. This place bags all their small toys, so you pay a dollar or two and get a nice grab bag full of goodies. So I was browsing through the bags, preparing some kind of excuse in case someone asked why I am sifting through children's toys. And then I saw it, buried in a bag of Mcdonalds toys I saw the yellow face of a pony. I tried not to squeak with delight! I was able to move the contents in the bag around and see the face clearer. Yup, it must be from the 80's, I thought. So I grabbed my bag and checked out! 
Once in the car I ripped open the bag and set aside the plastic hello kitty, Strawberry Shortcake from 2011, the other toys, and found my pony. The hoof said 1987 so I was overjoyed. Her hair needed a good wash, and she had some markings on her back, but otherwise she looked good. Whoever had bagged these threw in a new pony too. I wasn't thrilled to own a G4 pony, but after a hair wash, she's growing on me too. After visiting Ghost of the Doll I found out she is a Year 6 Peek a  Boo Baby Pony called "Baby Snippy". Once I got back home I gave her a good bath, and a new hair 'do. I think her tail needs to be re-curled, but I am so happy with how she turned out. Her friend pony "Fluttershy" looks pretty nice too.

Baby Snippy

Baby Snippy and her friend Fluttershy

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cuccioli Cerca Amici

When I was twenty I studied abroad in Italy for half a year. It was incredible, and even now I still wish I was there. But one of the most amazing things was walking into this Italian Toy store off of Via Del Corso in Roma and stumbling upon the most incredible toys. Luckily my roommate was an illustrator and also loved Disney, and collecting adorable toys, so we went in together. We each bought a set called Cuccioli Cerca Amici. I chose the sheep (I have sheep at home) and she chose a crab family. We brought them back to our room and put them on a table soon to be called the "Toy Table". We also bought Kinder eggs and put the toys there as well. Behind our school was an Alley that had a store called "The Rainbow Store", its the Italian version of the Dollar Tree. It was the best place to find anything, but we discovered they also had the Cuccioli Cerca Amici, in eggs, and small plastic balls. These also ended up filling the table. At the end of our time in Rome she bought us each a final egg. Mine had Bongo the Giraffe, who still sits proudly on my shelf to this day. The rest of my Cuccioli sit inside one of my dressers. The poor Kinder animals got hidden around our living quarters for the next students to find.

It wasn't until I returned to America that I learned these were the Italian version of Puppy in my Pocket. I was pretty excited since I did LOVE Puppy in my pocket as a kid. I had the pink bone hotel and many dogs and cats. My favorite was the Labrador Merlin. That toy may have partially fueled my desire for my own puppy. Anyways I am getting off topic, Today while shopping for applesauce and new brightly colored tights I found a bin of $.99 Puppy in my Pocket blind bags. I couldn't help myself, I grabbed two. I had planned on saving one for my sister but after opening the first I had to rip open the second. I must say they have added a lot to this set of characters. They came with purses and sunglasses, and rubber clothes. But it still reminded me of walking into the Rainbow store and buying two surprise eggs, one for my roommate, and one for myself.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The waiting game...

Sunday I made another visit to a different thrift store. This time there was no such luck of vintage toys. I did find a huge bag of silly bands which I plan on making something from, and a lot of poke balls. I'm expecting more goodies later this week, so with new packages comes more posts! Until then enjoy these cute pictures. Found a nice effects filter on my phone.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jewelry House

A lot of Charmkins I ordered on eBay came in today! I was super excited opening up the tissue paper wrapped pieces and discovered some of the new ones were in better condition than the ones I already had. I was lucky enough to add a few more sets to my collection. 

I was so excited to finally have the Charmkins Jewelry House so all my Charmkins could be stored inside. I was a bit disgusted by the state of it however. I should have taken some before pictures because this house was grimy! There was a brown sludge like substance all over the flowers on the awning, a dead spider in the widows walk, and tons of gunk in the shingles. So I set to work with a bottle of cleaning spray, some paper towels, and a huge number of q-tips and began cleaning. 1 hour later I was much happier with the house! Some of the stickers are still discolored, and there is some weird wear around the front steps and side porch, but overall its looking better. The front awning cleaned up nicely. The only part I'm still unhappy with is the shingles. I feel like the makers of Charmkins knew it would be hard to clean someday. But now I finally have a cute house for Charmkins photos!

Outside of Jewelry House

Inside with some Visitors

First Thrift Store Find!

So today after visiting the post office, and picking up a lovely cup of Starbucks blonde roast coffee, I decided to visit the local Salvation army. It seems like the last time I've visited any thrift store all the toys are in clean plastic bags. I remember as a kid getting to dig through bins of vintage toys at our Goodwill. This salvation army had shelves upon shelves on Beanie Babies, which I collected as a kid but I will never feel the need to buy any more of those (I'm sure we have at least 100). There were a few Care Bear Plush animals, but after inspecting the tags they were from 2004.

And then I noticed a little green haired doll sitting all alone among the stuffed toys. I didn't think twice before picking her up. She had $.49 written on her foot, and I figured fifty cents isn't bad for any toy! And once she was purchased and slipped into my purse I checked Ghost of the Doll and sure enough she is a 1981 Strawberry Shortcake doll named Lime Chiffon. She may be missing her parrot, socks (poor girl) and shoes, but her hat is still held on her head with a tag and overall I am so happy I rescued her! Not bad for my first thrift store trip!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Charmkins for Dessert

Lately the Charmkins seem to want to join the fun no matter which toys are getting their pictures taken. Today they decided to play among the Tea Bunnies tasty treats.

Also figured out how to do photo montages on my phone. So here is some of that!

Pony Salon

Tonight was attempt #2 of Pony Hair styling. I managed to acquire most of these ponies from a blind grab bag on the MLP arena. I was pretty happy with who showed up! I still have to figure out everyone's name, but I'm sure they were happy to get a new 'do. I'll post pictures of the results once their hair is dry. Curling worked much better with straws and the butterfly type clips. Attempt #1 consisted of bobby pins, paper towels, safety pins, and frustration.

Huddling around the sink waiting

Ponies decide to take advantage of my space heater

Pony Collection after their Hair Appointment

Overall I am happy with the results! I think I still need to work on my curling technique, but all my ponies look much nicer and they are quite happy indeed!

Childhood Collection: Whats left of the Tea Bunnies...

A few months ago I went on a toy raid around my house. It had been years since I had actively sought out any of my childhood toys. I realized I had a Fairy winkles piece on my dresser, a Mimi and the Googoos wedding cake on my shelf and a stuffed Tea Bunny doll sitting at the top of the stairs. Somehow the plush magically vanished the next time I visited, but the rest were recovered. Luckily I was able to fish what I could find of the Tea Bunnies from a bin of old toys at the top of the stairs. As kids, my sister and I also loved playing with American Girls line of AG Minis, which were amazing. At a certain point in time we rounded up all the miniatures we could find an added them to the AG Mini playsets. At this point the AG Mini "World" took up an entire table and bookshelf of our room. I wish I had a picture of it, since it was truly magnificent in the eyes of a child. No matter! Here are the Tea Bunny pieces I rescued from the AG Mini Bin.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Another package came in the mail today. I found a lot with three of the carrying cases on eBay. They may be missing their Charmkins, but until then mine had a great time checking out the beautiful scenery inside.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fairy Winkles

Besides Littlest Pet Shop, Kenner also made a line of toys called Fairy Winkles. These appeared to be everyday objects, but they had hidden compartments where fairies could hide. I had a few of these sets as a kid. Mainly the Clock, Swan, Mail away Necklace, Jewelry Box, and Perfume Bottle. This was another toy I spent a bit of time rounding up, but only managed to find the perfume bottle and 3 fairies, one of which is the mail away fairy. It still blows me away that I could convince my mom at age 4 to send away for the locket necklace. But there is evidence she did! I'm sure I wore it as much as I wore my Littlest Pet shop Puppy necklace.

Magic Mirror Swan

Mail away Locket

Cozy Keepsakes

Twinkle Time Nursery Clock

Fabulous Hair Friends

This doll took me awhile to identify. I ended up finding out through a forum that she is a "True Friends" Fabulous Hair Friends. All I remember is owning a few of them and their arms would link together behind their backs and form a chain. This is another toy I would love to own just that one set. The rest don't appeal to me very much. They remind me a bit of Betty Spaghetti.

Polly Pocket

I have a chest in my attic full of Polly Pockets. I don't feel the need to buy any more, maybe ever! But one of my favorite Polly Pockets is a Locket I had when I was a little girl. Inside is still a picture of me at age 3. It still has the polly that goes with it. I loved pink and gemstones, so its no wonder I chose this one.

A friend of mine sent me some extra Polly Pockets for Christmas. Among them was one I knew I had as a girl growing up! It was the lovely lady below riding her horse. You could wear her as a ring too! Its no wonder I ended up going to school for Jewelry, I even loved it as a girl!

Krystal Princess

Krystal Princesses are another toy I stumbled across on eBay. I had a few as a kid but couldn't remember the name, and I honestly have no idea which ones I owned. I found these in a random lot on eBay and couldn't pass up the chance to own a few. They are not complete and it would take me awhile to even figure out which set they belong to. So I'm happy just owning a few.