Saturday, October 26, 2013

Snuggle Bunny and Dazzling Hair Pets

I've been on a MOC kick lately and was super excited to find an MOC set of the Dazzling Hair Pets Dress Up Palace. 

Then I stumbled upon this MOC Snuggle Bunny set from Emery's Emporium. When it arrived and I opened it, I felt a wave of nostalgia. I had this bunny as a kid, and it was just like I was four and picked it up on a trip out. I'm so happy to add this set to my collection. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Swinging Star Sea Monkey

Last spring I won a giant lot on eBay. It cost me a substantial amount of money, and when it arrived it was in a huge box and took hours to go through and sort. It felt like christmas. And in that box happened to be three of the merpet sets. At the time I had barely seen them so I was thrilled to find them complete and in such nice condition. Flash forward and now I've managed to find another one mint on card. I couldn't pass this up when I saw it. As a kid the little mermaid was my favorite movie so I love all thing under the sea. This set is the Swinging Star Sea Monkey, who comes with a cute shovel, a smiling crab, and he swings on a piece of blue coral. These sets are cool because they come with Polly pocket like cases. You can just pack them up and take them anywhere. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lil' Brush 'n Grow Filly

Since I started collecting Vintage Littlest pet shop I've heard about the elusive Ruby Pony. I've seen her in a few auctions that all went well beyond my price range. I've seen her sell a few times way below what she normally goes for, and have been heartbroken to have missed her. She is a set I never actually believed I would find. I am so grateful to the wonderful girl who sold her to me. Her hair decoration is MIA at the moment but I'm hoping it will be found. But here is my very own Ruby Pony.

Right now she's missing her blanket, hair decoration, bows, and the stable sticker. It will probably take me ages to find all these pieces but I am so happy with my very own Lil brush n grow Filly!

Ruby had a lovely bath and had her hair done.

Ruby's hair decoration has arrived!